My company adopted this brand during one of its many business acquisitions. While the blue chevron was not intended to be used to encompass the logotype or product name, it eventually evolved into being the fixture that housed product name itself. This chevron has proven to be very intrusive, taking up the top third of every package and reducing the amount of space to be used for product information. Additionally, the chevron and logotype needed a little finesse.

I have worked with Marketing, Sales, and Regulatory departments to find a transitional solution for the brand. While the consumer favors and recognizes the chevron element, we hope to eventually create a brand that no longer relies on that element for brand recognition. By educating Regulatory and Marketing on how best to file EPA registrations, I have managed to separate the brand for the product name for future assets. As a result of the reduction of the brand elements, more space has been allotted for messaging. A larger product name and more clear product benefits has greatly increased consumer experience and response while still maintaining elements of the brand that consumers look for when shopping for their beloved pets.